The mulch mat can be used anywhere for control of weeds around a newly planted sapling. The jute-Coir nonwoven combination restricts the supply of sunlight on to the ground and prevents growth of weeds. Being biodegradable it decomposes over time to form humus and further helps in the plant’s growth. The jute-coir nonwoven can absorb and retain water up to 5 times its own weight. It also absorbs and retains nutrients and fertilizers applied to the sapling.
The mulch mat controls the temperature of the soil below it and saves the plant from extreme heat or cold, thus increasing the chances of survival of the sapling.

The position, size of the slits and mats can be customized to meet special requests.

Typical Sizes:

  1. 37 cm X 37 cm
  2. 58 cm X 58 cm

Packing: 100 or 200 pieces per packet.

Typical Application areas for Flofafab weed control and mulching mat:

Forestation projects, Social Forestry, Plantations, Sides of Runways, Roadways, Railways etc.Railway Yards, Container yards.

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